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Our mission is to help businesses grow digitally with result. What it means is, when we help our clients run their digital marketing campaign, it needs to generate RESULTS. We focus so much on results that sometimes we decline clients that we are not confident of delivering results for them.



Your OBJECTIVE and GOAL MATTERS. Our team will consult with you in order to propose the most EFFECTIVE digital marketing STRATEGY to achieve it.


One of our key process is in having a highly EFFECTIVE and PERSUASIVE conversion funnel and we will help you to structure and build it. What's the point of even getting traffic when you are not converting them into meaningful RESULTS.


We do not settle for mediocrity. When it comes to results, we are OBSESSED with it, and constantly challenging ourselves on how to get even BETTER RESULTS for our clients using our S.O.S. (Split Test : Optimize : Scale) process.


When you get RESULTS, you WIN, and Shock Media WINS. It's in our best interest that we help you achieve your goals.



Vince is one of the founder of Shock Media Studio. He is one of the pioneers when it comes to Malaysia's digital marketing landscape, with over 18 years of experience.

In the process, he has successfully launched multiple million dollar businesses online. Because of that, Shock Media was launched, in which he plans to use his entrepreneurial and digital marketing skills and knowledge to help local businesses to achieve the same level of success on the Internet.


Shean is the driving force behind Shock Media's day to day operations and growth. With over 11 years of Digital Marketing experience, he has successfully run online marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies the likes of Alibaba and Uber.

Through the years, he has honed and perfected his split testing and optimisation skills when it comes to digital marketing, and is instrumental in pushing for this process to be implemented as part of our process in helping our clients get better results.


Sharon comes with over 20 years of experience in leading and growing multiple sales teams across different industries.

With her vast experience in sales, and strong business acumen, she is the driving force in Shock Media's push for the transformation of Digital Marketing in Malaysia especially for the SMEs and SMIs to focus on results, results and RESULTS.


Gerald comes with over 19 years of experience in Digital Marketing with strong emphasis on Data, Analytics and Growth. He is a legendary Copywriter, having written multiple salescopy that has generated millions of dollars in sales.

In Shock Media, he is also pivotal in bringing his wealth of experience in copywriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Affiliate Marketing and ASO (App Store Optimisation) skills to help BENEFIT our clients generate RESULTS for them.


Dawn has over 13 years of Digital Marketing experience, managed over RM2 million in Google Ads spend and launched hundreds of campaigns across multiple industries.

Her expertise is vast, and is highly skilled when it comes to Copywriting, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Because of that, she is also a sought after trainer and speaker, having spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, UK and Australia.



SEM is the backbone for most of our clients’ digital marketing campaigns because it provides the highest traffic intent.

It is one of the most EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and PROFITABLE way of running digital marketing.


SEO is the natural progression after SEM. Most businesses make the mistake of going for SEO first, and that is a HUGE mistake.

Shock Media's clients know better than to do this, because of how we consult with them.


Facebook marketing is the talk of the town. However, this digital marketing strategy is not for everyone.

For businesses that can benefit from FB Marketing, it can be really lucrative, provided it is done with the proper strategy and funnel.


We strongly believe that your website is your 24/7 online salesperson whose primary job is to convert your visitors to into leads or sales.

That's why at Shock Media, we are obsessed with building only one type of website; a highly persuasive and converting website.





“I’m very happy to see my site ranking 1st page at!”


Thank you Shock Media Studio. I LOVE IT! You guys are so professional, fast & fun to work with.”


I’m impressed that Shock listened to our requirements and translated it into reality. I’d happily recommend Shock to anyone!”



Over 102 Years of Experience

The team is made up of digital marketing pioneers, with over 102 years of combined experience in digital marketing.

Our extensive digital marketing experience range from affiliate marketing, copywriting, sales funnels, direct response marketing, SEO and performance marketing.

Priority #1 : Result

In Shock, we believe that great companies should be very profitable.

With more profit, businesses can hire more staff, open more branches,and serve more customer. When our clients get the result they want, everyone wins.

Exceptional Track Record

We’ve spent millions of dollars in ads, ranked a lot of websites in Google, generated thousands of leads, and millions of sales for our clients.

The digital marketing that we execute for our clients is based on proven methodologies that we have refined over the years.


At Shock Media Studio, our focus is on results. We Truly Care about how many leads or sales are generated for your business as these would translate into revenue & profit. We let our results speaks for itself. Check out the case studies below.


Case Study #1: How We Turned An Almost Empty Restaurant To A Popular, Packed Place

Restaurant C is a small Spanish tapas restaurant, located in a high-end residential area. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?

The problem was, they were getting an average of 8 tables of customers every weekend, although they have been open for a few months already.

When Shock Media Studio came into the picture, we did not find the winning campaign immediately. In fact, it was only after a few rounds of our SOS process that we managed to start getting results for them.

“Today, they average around 23-25 tables per weekend. That’s triple the results they were getting previously.”

Case Study #2: Increased Leads By 250% Without Increasing Ad Spend

Dr. Ko Skin Specialist is Malaysia’s leading & largest (according to Malaysia Book of Records) skin, laser & aesthetic clinic with over 33 branches locally and internationally.

Before engaging Shock Media Studio, Dr. Ko was getting around 40 leads digitally. As usual, we first understood the objective and gatherd key data that was critical in planning the right strategy for Dr. Ko’s digital marketing Malaysia.

After engaging with Shock Media Studio, the number of leads increased drastically week after week. In the short span of 4 weeks (28 days), we achieved a 250% increase, from 40 leads previously to 150 leads!

“What would an extra 150 leads every month do for your business?”

Case Study #3: Reduced Cost By 25% Without Compromising On Results

KNK is in a very niche industry, but an extremely high value one, with each potential customer’s value (CLTV) in 6 figures of sales.

When KNK came to Shock Media Studio, they had never ventured into digital marketing before, and they were sceptical of whether it will even work for their industry.

But based on our experience and analysis, we were confident that it would work.

From the moment the campaign was launched until now, we managed to bring the marketing cost down by at least 25%, without compromising on results, and all this is possible because of our SOS methodology.

“Reduced Cost by 25% Because Of Our SOS Process”

Case Study #4: RM120k In Sales Within 30 Days

BL is a brand new lighting retail outlet, with the ambition of selling high quality lighting at an affordable price.

Before approaching Shock Media Studio, BL was worried about the lack of brand awareness and low foot traffic to their store upon opening.

By partnering with Shock Media Studio, we came up with a cutting-edge digital marketing strategy that generated over RM120,000 in sales within the 1st month, with just RM12,000 in ad spend.

How we did it was through the continuous execution of our SOS process to identify and fine-tune winning ads combinations.

“Would You Be Interested To Know How We Generated RM120K In Sales With Ad Spend Of Just RM12K?”

Case Study #5: Reduced Cost Per Lead By More Than 50%

Company S is a lifestyle furniture brand with an affordable price range.

Before the engagement of Shock Media Studio, Company S was generating leads with an average cost of RM10 per lead.

However, once Shock Media Studio took over the digital marketing campaign, through our SOS process, we managed to bring the cost of lead acquisition down from RM10 to RM8, then RM7, and subsequently to just BELOW RM5 per lead.

Over the duration of the campaign, we successfully generated over 20,000 Leads and reduced the Cost Per Lead by more than 50%, using our in-house SOS process.

“Would 20,000 Leads at less than 50% Cost per Lead Interest You?

Case Study #6: RM10 ROI For Every RM1 Spent

Company P is a leading pharmaceutical retail chain in Malaysia.

Upon launching their e-commerce store, they realised that sales do not roll in automatically just because there is an online store. That was when they approached Shock Media Studio for help.

We worked hard at executing the digital marketing roadmap together with our SOS process and true enough, within a month, we were generating RM10 for every RM1 we spent on ads.

This was not achieved automatically, but through a period of time, via our SOS methodology.

“Would 10X ROAS (Returns On Ad Spend) Interest You?”

Case Study #7: From 3 To 783 Cconversions

When PDI first came to Shock Media Studio, in our first month, we only managed to generate 3 conversions for them, which in this case, conversion means a sale.

To say that it was disappointing for our team would be an understatement. However, we all know that digital marketing is not a magic pill, and the results are not achieved overnight.

But we never gave up, and the client believed in us. Over the course of a year, we kept optimising and improving the results.

Today, it averages between 700-850 conversions (sales) every single month.

All this is made possible because of our SOS Process.

“How We Turned 3 Conversions Into 783 Conversions”

Case Study #8: Wasted RM30,000

When HC came to Shock Media Studio, they had already burnt through RM30,000 over a period of 1 year with another agency which yielded minimal results, resulting in a huge loss!

Upon taking over the account, we analyzed what went wrong, and started optimising the ad campaign using our SOS methodology. It resulted in an immediate turnaround of results in just under 1 month!

Today, it is averaging around 30-40 leads per month, with each potential lead turning into a customer with a CLTV (Customer LifeTime Value) exceeding 6 figures.

“30-40 Leads Every Month, With Each Customer Value Exceeding 6 Figures”

Case Study #9: Better Than The 1st Time

UNS was a happy ex-client of ours. But they wanted to explore other options with other agencies, with the hope of getting even better results.

And off they went, to another agency.

1 year down the road, they are back with Shock Media Studio because they were not happy with the results generated with the previous agency.

Today, they are beyond satisfied. Our results for them were even better than the first time around because in that 1 year, we have also fine-tuned our process, and this time we even re-worked the entire marketing funnel.

They are now averaging more than 50 sales leads within the first month itself, and we haven’t even fully run through our SOS process yet. Imagine what significantly better results we’ll be getting once we do that!

“By Coming Back To Us, It Speaks Volume Of Our Results”

Case Study #10: Multiple 1st Page Rankings In Google

Rank #1 for keyword “Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia”

How do you know which SEO services company in Malaysia can deliver SEO result for your website? When the agency’s website itself rank’s on the first page of Google!

We rank #1 on Google for keywords like “digital marketing agency malaysia,” one of the most competitive keywords in the industry. Below are other search terms that our website ranks for on the first page of Google:

  • “Digital Agency Malaysia”
  • “Digital Marketing Agency”
  • “Digital Marketing Company in Malaysia”
  • “Marketing Agency Malaysia”
  • “Digital Marketing Agency Kuala Lumpur”
  • “Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia”
  • “Digital Marketing Malaysia”
  • “Marketing Company in Malaysia”
  • And more

Seeing is believing. Try Google these search terms yourself and see the results.

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